I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire, England. I spent most of my youth playing football and getting into trouble. Starting work straight from school I spent 18 years working in the Prepress industry. I worked shifts for many years, before moving into management and then company director. 

Looking for a career change I decided to do an MBA degree in Sydney, Australia. A year later I was hired as a business consultant for a leading graphic design and branding agency. 

Years of stress in the corporate world was taking its toll, and having a massive impact on my health. 

I was suffering from anxiety and had chronic back pain when I attended my first yoga class. Immediately after I realised that I was on the right path to cure my body and mind. I started practising yoga every day and within a year was pain-free and mentally stronger. 

Convinced I was on the right path I quit my job to become a yoga teacher.


Three years later I opened Barefoot Yoga studio in Paddington NSW - the first donation-based yoga studio in Australia. 

We had seven wonderful years helping thousands of people grow both physically and spiritually. 

During this time I joined the Insight Yoga Institute and dived deep into Buddhism and Psychology.

Guiding people to see their lives from a fresh perspective is my greatest passion. 

Today, I offer yoga, meditation, and coaching exclusively to private and corporate clients.

My mission is to inspire people to live the life they are meant to lead, a life that full of wisdom and compassion.

A life worth living.