I'm so glad you are here...

Even if you are tired of thinking, planning and worrying about things. Especially if you are! We all experience times when life seems to flow and you feel great, but it's hard to maintain, isn't it?

But it feels good and you want it back, so you keep pushing for more. The trouble is the more you search for happiness the more it eludes you. So how do you achieve lasting inner contentment? 

Nice to meet you

My name is Crawf.

I'm a coach, meditation teacher and yoga instructor. I help people who feel lost and overwhelmed to become clear and confident again. 

I feel called to do this work and make it my goal, with every client, to help them to heal and transform their lives.  

I get where you are at

I spent 18 years as a busy professional working in high-pressure corporate environments and burning the candle at both ends. I abused my body and developed chronic back pain.

I was so consumed with being successful I lost touch with who I was. So I overindulged to try and pacify myself but only ended up back at square one the next day. 

On the right path

I discovered yoga when I came to Sydney in 2004. It has been a lifesaver for me. For a start, the physical practice healed my back and helped me live pain-free. Then came the deeper practices of meditation and self-development. I've learnt from some of the leading coaches in the World and I am so grateful to them for helping me to turn my life around. 

From my many years in corporate to becoming a coach and meditation teacher, I have a unique blend of skills with which to help people grow and fulfil their destiny. 

Fun Facts

- I tell dad jokes and often I'm the only one who laughs

 -I swapped my Armani suit for a pair of yoga shorts

- My dog is a little whippet called Bodhi who runs like the wind

- I'm a keen golfer and practice 'letting go' every time I hit a bad shot

- I make the best Yorkshire puddings in Sydney!