My working life up until becoming a yoga teacher was a classic work hard, play hard situation - burning the candle at both ends and abusing my body, believing I was indestructible and would live forever.

My life was ego-driven, in a relentless pursuit of more and more. 

Im so happy I discovered yoga nearly 20 years ago. It probably saved my life. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and mentors, who have shown me how to let go of these false beliefs about who I am and align with what is most important. 

To move from a life of fear and regret to a life of purpose. 

To live in a way that is soul-driven, based on what I care about and what I feel.

To recognise that my body, feelings and thoughts are reacting to lifes experiences, but who I am is something far greater than all of this combined.

What is the most important thing for you right now? Not the thing that comes from your head or even from your heart, but from deep down in your gut. What is it? 

Discovering this can take some real investigation. In these coaching sessions, I will help you get clarity around your soul values and find out how to align with what's most important. 

If you are going through a difficult time and experiencing pain and suffering we can work with these parts to find a new way forwards. 

Moving from egocentric thinking to listening to your spiritual instinct, I will show you how to resolve inner conflict and develop a healthy relationship with yourself and others that makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled. 

The best way to get started is to jump on a FREE Discovery Call. In this 45 minute call we will:
• Get clear on what's MOST IMPORTANT in your life
• Identify the CHALLENGES that are getting in your way and more importantly how to OVERCOME them

• Build a CUSTOMISED PLAN to help you achieve your goals.