My life in the corporate world was a classic work hard, play hard situation - burning the candle at both ends and abusing my body, believing I was indestructible and would live forever. 

My life was ego-driven, in a relentless pursuit of more and more. 

I discovered yoga nearly 20 years ago and it probably saved my life. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and mentors, who have shown me how to let go of false beliefs, listen to my soul and take full responsibility for my life. 

I still have an ego (we all do) but I'm less identifed with it and more connected to the truth of who I am. 

A coach is someone who has already walked the path, someone who can share their skills,

knowledge and experience to assist others in their lives and careers.

Working privately with me as a coach will help you to clarify where you are stuck and how to harness your potential.

I will teach you not only yoga and meditation but how to live your life with wisdom and compassion. 

Private Yoga

Good for beginners and people who want a more personal approach.

Designed to suit your body and your specific requirements

Practice with me at home, in the park or online 

Soulful Living

For those who want to be less ego-driven and lead a more soulful life.

 Go deep into your subconscious and really understand who you are and what your purpose is.

Shift your conciousness and align with whats real and true.

I will meet you wherever you are on your journey

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