Total Alignment Coaching 

Out of chaos comes transformation

Life in the corporate world can be tough. Lot's of decisions to make and not enough time. When you come home you're tired and your mind is still whirring away. Your partner needs your support and your kids want attention. Or maybe you are single and looking for love.  You feel hurt, misunderstood, angry, sad and confused. So you've developed coping mechanisms and ways to control your life.

Something inside says you are more than what you think. That you want to be more present and loving towards those who depend on you. What you may not realise is, that this energy, which comes from deep inside, IS your guiding light and it's calling you to realise your full potential. 



We have all had times when we have felt clarity and balance. Times when we have felt in complete alignment as if our body, heart and mind were all in the same place at the same time. At other times we feel a joyful connection with others that washes away irritation, distrust and boredom. In these moments you have embodied what is known as Self energy. The goal of our coaching sessions is for you to become Self-led most, if not all, of the time. 

What happens to me?

Your internal system is made up of sub-personalities or 'parts'. These parts have genuine concerns about getting hurt or overwhelmed, causing you to become controlling, misguided and selfish. Even though your parts have good intentions they can cause you to suffer and limit your potential to grow. 



In our work together you will learn how to listen to your parts with curiosity and compassion. You will rediscover the wisdom and courage to heal and let go of feelings and beliefs that have been there for years. You have the power. It's always been there. You just have to know how to tap into it. 


Align and Embody

The goal of this work is to create a more harmonious inner dialogue where all of your parts work as a team towards a common goal. 

You will be the captain of your own ship, where you are leading the way, confident and clear about your decisions. When you embody loving-kindness, all of your relationships will improve, both inside and out. 


Working with me

Our coaching relationship will be a collaborative, client-led process, where I serve as your guide, helping you to draw on Self-energy as a transformative force.

My goal is for you to not need my help in the future, for you to be in total alignment; in body, heart and mind, with the knowledge and the skills to navigate difficulties and forge your own path. 

Crawf has a lovely, patient and gentle approach to learning and creates a very safe and fun learning environment.Crawf gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and learn to be vulnerable – these practices have certainly helped me to feel more grounded, less judgemental & most importantly recognise my self worth and start living a much freer life.
So if you are sitting there wondering if “this is for me ?” I would encourage you to give it a go. 
Anne from Motherwell, Scotland 

Be Your True Self

- See the big picture and gain clarity

- Let go of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors

- Develop a peaceful mind that can make conscious decisions

- Become a more compassionate leader

- Improve your relationship with yourself and your family

Find out if TOTAL ALIGNMENT COACHING is for you

Working in a high pressure and stressful environment, as well as fighting the shadows of trauma from the past, I was long seeking for answers and support. Crawf’s mentoring sessions helped me to shine the light into the misperceptions of myself. He has a unique approach of asking the right questions in a kind and gentle way, which helped me to disentangle my different emotions and thought patterns. The sessions helped me to understand how my mind functions and with Crawf’s support and him holding the space finding a way to more ease, acceptance and inner stillness. 

Nikola from Sydney, Australia