This course is for complete beginners and anyone who would like to refresh or deepen their meditation practice.

On this 28 day journey, you will explore the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Buddha’s fundamental teaching on meditation.

Moving intelligently from the coarse to the subtle, this is a systematic guide to practising mindfulness in progressive stages.

1. Mindfulness of Body

Full awareness of the experience of being in a body, including the sensation of breathing, posture, movement of and within the body, the weightiness of one’s body, its impermanence, and so on. This grounds you in the present moment.

2. Mindfulness of Feeling

Paying attention to and noting pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral feelings. This is the most rudimentary level of feeling, not the kind of “feelings” we identify as emotion. Being mindful of feeling at this level allows you to develop nonjudgmental awareness of whatever comes up.

3. Mindfulness of Mind

Being aware of thoughts and emotions as they arise, dwell, and pass away. This allows you to see the transient and insubstantial quality of the thought processes and emotional filters that guide our actions.

4. Mindfulness of Mental Objects

Paying attention to the totality of our experience, encompassing whatever mental qualities and phenomena (dharmas) emerge moment by moment. By seeing how we attempt to construct a coherent world from a series of mental events, we come to understand the impermanent nature of existence.

Also included:

4 audio meditations

Written course materials

Weekly group meditation session

By applying yourself to these teachings, you will learn how to reduce stress, work with challenging thoughts and emotions and live life with a greater sense of peace, presence and happiness. 


"Crawf is terrific. I wasn’t sure I’d make good use of meditation at first, but then I got into the habit of using the techniques he gave us any time during the day, when I felt anxious or just when I wanted a break. I live in a remote area, so for me particularly it was fantastic to do the classes in the comfort of your own home. Years ago I took meditation classes face to face, and I was pleased that this was just as interactive and helpful to do online, as in person". 

Linley S, Tallangatta Valley

'Having recently moved to London I have been experiencing a lot of stress in my life, beyond the global pandemic, and my mental health was in a very dark place. Having taken Crawf's meditation course I find myself more grounded, calm, and better able to appraise situations and respond without engaging in negative and harmful coping mechanisms. I am calmer, more engaged in each moment, seeing the beauty in tiny things again, and allowing emotions to wash over and through me without overwhelming me. I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone who basically wants to just cope with everyday life and be content and mentally stable'.

Tallulah, London