4 Week Course

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:45pm


- Establish a daily meditation practice

- Let go of your ego

- Understand what you really are

- Know love and peace as your natural state 

- Be clear and focussed in your work or sporting activities

- Be a more caring son or daughter, partner or parent

This course is based on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness 

- the Buddha’s fundamental teaching on meditation.


The tendency of the modern world is to want everything now,

think more is better and believe you are not good enough as you are. 

This simply isn't true. 

You can be content with what you have and be happy with who you are.

Right now. In this moment. 


How? Through the application of meditation and mindfulness. 

Meditation is like a mirror to the reality of life. 

It teaches you to let go of who you are not 

and be what you really are. 


Mindfulness enriches life with the qualities of wisdom and compassion. ​



Week 1. Mindfulness of Body

Feel the sensations of the body, breath, posture and movement of energy.

Week 2. Mindfulness of Feelings

Develop the ability to be with your feelings without getting overwhelmed. 

Week 3. Mindfulness of Thoughts

See how most of what you think and believe simply isn't true

Week 4. Mindfulness of True Nature

Full-spectrum awareness. Allow your full potential shine through​


'Crawf’s four-week meditation course was an effective way to inspire my meditation practice. Crawf’s knowledge, compassion and gentleness of spirit is exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend this course' 

Jill, Newcastle

"Crawf was terrific. I wasn’t sure I’d make good use of meditation at first, but then I got into the habit of using the techniques he gave us any time during the day, when I felt anxious or just when I wanted a break. I live in a remote area, so for me particularly it was fantastic to do the classes in the comfort of my own home".

Linley, Tallangatta Valley

'Having taken Crawf's meditation course I find myself more grounded, calm, and better able to appraise situations and respond without engaging in negative and harmful coping mechanisms. I highly recommend this course to anyone who basically wants to just cope with everyday life and be content and mentally stable'.

Tallulah, London