Online Classes

3 Ways You Can Benefit from Online Yoga Classes

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are discovering the value of working from home or taking classes online. Thankfully, I've been hosting online yoga classes for years, so I was fully prepared to engage with newcomers who may not have had the opportunity to try yoga before! Does that sound like you? Here are three reasons to try taking online classes for yoga.

No Commuting

Many of us are working from home these days and unable to commute. For most, this is a relief! No more hours are being spent in traffic, increasing our stress, and adding more worry to our day. We can instead spend that time doing more productive things, such as yoga!

Works Anytime

Not everyone works a 9-5 schedule and that can make it difficult to attend certain classes or be somewhere at the same time every week. With online classes, you can attend at any time of day or night that's convenient for you! Whenever you have 75 minutes to focus on yourself, that's the perfect time for yoga classes.

No Embarrassment

I hear from a lot of people that they've been hesitant to try yoga because they're embarrassed about their body. It can be intimidating to attend a class where a dozen or two other people might be critiquing you. With online yoga classes, you can feel safe to try a new pose without the fear of someone seeing you in an uncomfortable position.

Book Your Online Yoga Classes Today!

I offer three different kinds of yoga on three different days of the week so there's always something new to try. Each class lasts for about 75 minutes and costs $12. Book your spot today and see the benefits for yourself!