As the word intimates, a retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step back from our daily lives to find a moment of rest, to get in touch with yourself and simply find inner peace.

Retreating is a way of taking time out and assessing our life decisions, 

helping us to bring clarity to the challenges ahead.

“Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolise a way of living - being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It’s the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It’s a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature. — Adele Coombs, “Barefoot Dreaming”

Barefoot Retreats are hosted by Crawf Weir and friends in beautiful country locations.

Suitable for all types of yoga enthusiasts, from the complete beginner to the seasoned pro.

With yoga and meditation classes both morning and evening you will 

feel stretched, strengthened and grounded. 

There will be plenty of time to rest, relax and explore the local countryside.

Amazing vegetarian food straight from the garden, made with love by in-house chefs. 

Rest, practice, explore, eat well and have fun.  

Go home inspired, re-energised and ready for anything!!!


"Crawf's retreat provided a wonderful combination of physical practice, self-reflection and relaxation in an idyllic location. The group size was perfect, the food was absolutely delicious and Crawf's classes provided the right level of challenge and variety as they always do!  A perfect way to recharge.''

Alison from Sydney, Australia