Private Yoga Classes


Has your yoga practice ground to a halt? Maybe you lost your motivation or you don't feel safe in a studio environment anymore. Maybe your yoga practice never got started because you felt clumsy or intimidated? You might be going back from injury or surgery and you are not sure how to modify?

Sometimes it's as simple as you just can't find the time because of your busy schedule. 

Time and Place

What if you could do yoga in a place where you feel super-comfortable, at home or by the beach on the weekend. Or if you could do yoga in the park on your lunch break? Wouldnt it be great to have an instructor who gets you and can tailor the class to suit your needs? 


Looking Good...

The problem with big group classes is that it's impossible for the teacher to give sufficient individual attention. There's a concept of achieving perfect alignment in each posture, based on how the posture should look from the outside. 


...Or Feeling Good?

I teach a functional approach to yoga, that acknowledges not only the intention of the posture but the student's injuries and limitations. So I teach yoga that is both safe and effective so that healing and transformation can take place.

My Experience

I started yoga in 2004 because I had chronic back pain. In two years of daily practice, I healed my back and now live completely pain-free. Feeling inspired, I went on to complete over 1500 hours of teacher training. I've had my own yoga studio and was the resident yoga teacher at Sydney Opera House. Over the years, I've taught thousands of people and have an excellent understanding of the human body. My goal is to help you make your body healthy, mobile and strong again.